Singapore: over 2,400 arrested for illegal gambling in last 3 years

Singapore Pools is the only licenced operator of sports betting and lotteries.
Singapore Pools is the only licenced operator of sports betting and lotteries.

Some 800 of the arrests were for illegal betting.

Singapore.- It’s been revealed that 2,400 people have been arrested for illegal gambling in Singapore in the last three years. According to The Straits Times, more than 800 arrests were for illicit betting.

The Singapore Pools is the only licenced operator of sports betting and lotteries in the country, and authorities have signalled their intention to step up enforcement during the World Cup.

In addition to routine enforcement, police said they were working with advocacy groups to shut down phone lines promoting illegal gambling. They have also stepped up efforts to block illegal websites and close bank accounts.

The authorities noted that anyone who conducts unlawful gambling risks a fine of up to S$500,000 and imprisonment of up to seven years. Repeat offenders can face a fine of up to S$700,000 and imprisonment of up to 10 years. Anyone who gambles with an unlicensed gambling service provider can be fined up to S$10,000 or imprisoned for up to six months.

On November 26, police arrested 12 people, aged between 50 and 73, for alleged involvement in illegal gambling at 83 Woodlands Street. Five are alleged to have acted as bookmakers who placed bets for the seven others, who were allegedly placing bets. Officers seized over $8,250 in cash, five cell phones and gaming-related paraphernalia. An investigation is ongoing.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has launched a campaign on the dangers of excessive football betting with a video that charts a football enthusiast’s experience, from the euphoria of winning a bet to the despair of chasing defeat. 

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