Philippine Senate to hold public hearing into Bamban mayor

Philippine Senate to hold public hearing into Bamban mayor

The Philippines Senate will investigate Alice Guo’s potential ties to illegal gambling operators.

The Philippines.- The Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality plans to hold an executive session to examine Bamban mayor Alice Guo’s assets and possible links to offshore gambling operators.

Senate deputy minority leader and committee chairperson Rita Hontiveros announced the move during a televised interview on Monday (May 27). According to the Philippines News Agency, relevant agencies will be invited to the executive session, which will be followed by a public hearing.

Hontiveros stated that the findings from the executive session would shape the next public hearing and solidify the committee’s report on Guo’s case. It remains uncertain whether Guo will be invited.

Hontiveros said the investigation is not an attack on Filipino-Chinese heritage and that the inquiry into mayor Guo began after evidence of her involvement in POGO-related crimes surfaced.

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Questions have arisen about Guo’s identity and background, as she admitted to lacking knowledge of personal details like her birthplace and educational history. She won the mayoral election in 2022 despite limited political experience.

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