PAGCOR seeks approval for salary increases

PAGCOR seeks approval for salary increases

PAGCOR is seeking approval for adjustments to rectify distortions caused by its new Compensation and Position Classification System.

The Philippines.- The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has formally requested approval from the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) for salary adjustments based on employees’ length of service. The move aims to rectify discrepancies arising from the new Compensation and Position Classification System (CPCS).

According to PAGCOR chairman and CEO Alejandro Tengco, the board of directors has sanctioned the implementation of salary step increments, contingent upon GCG’s endorsement. The rollout of the CPCS has prompted dissatisfaction among some employees, who experienced a decrease in take-home pay.

The system reset all employees to Pay Step 1 regardless of tenure, resulting in disparities where long-serving employees received the same salary as newcomers in equivalent positions. Tengco said the step increment appeal is the first of many that the agency plans to lodge with the GCG to remedy decreases in employees’ take-home pay, especially for those who occupy the lowest positions.

He said: “We hope that the GCG will positively respond to our appeal so that all tenured PAGCOR employees will not feel shortchanged, and instead receive the compensation that they deserve under the bounds of the law.

“A provision under the CPCS implementing guidelines states that “one step increment shall be granted to qualified personnel for every three years of continuous satisfactory service in the present position.”

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