CCC takes over casino regulation on Northern Mariana Islands

The commission will now be in charge of casino licences.
The commission will now be in charge of casino licences.

A new bill has been passed giving the Commonwealth Casino Commission total control over regulation of the casino industry on the islands.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Northern Mariana Islands legislature passed a bill to give the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) complete regulatory power over the local casino industry.

House Bill 21.11 was unanimously approved in the House of the Representatives and has now been passed to governor Ralph DLG Torres, the Saipan Tribune reported.

The Senate had already approved the bill on March 13. The bill also makes changes to the Commonwealth Code.

From now on, the CCC rather than the islands’ finance secretary will establish the regulatory fee fund, apart from the government’s general fund. The CCC will also take the power to issue casino licences from the Commonwealth Lottery Commission.

The autonomous agency will also oversee staffing levels at casinos.

CCC chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero said: “[The changes] will strengthen the casino commission’s ability to enforce the mandates of the original gaming law, 18-56.”

He added that change would help clarify and remove some ambiguities.”

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