Saipan: Casino Commission pledges good governance

Saipan: Casino Commission pledges good governance

The gaming regulator in Saipan has issued a statement to pledge good and fair governance over casino industry after legal troubles with IPI.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) has released a statement defending its governance of the gaming industry, after being accused of laxness in the Imperial Pacific International case.

IPI has has been wrapped by the Department of Finance for owing the islands’ government over US$9 million in taxes.

The statement said: “The CCC and its administration will remain committed to monitoring gaming operations within the territory and, when required, issuing such orders to maintain a safe and fair environment for operators, their staff, contracted vendors and the CNMI population as a whole.

“The CCC has noted that this may, at times, require extraordinary measures to ensure a safe and sustainable operating environment. These types of measures are required and will be non-negotiable to ensure the development of a fair and sustainable gaming industry within the CNMI.”

The comission’s chairman Edward C. DeLeon Guerrero added: “The Commonwealth Casino Commission of Saipan will remain committed to ensuring all casino gaming operations in Saipan comply with both local and federally mandated regulations.

“The CCC’s operation includes monitoring of all gaming facilities, including twenty-four seven surveillance operations at our only casino operation.”

According to DeLeon Guerrero, the CCC would not be unfairly partial toward any particular operator.

The statement concluded: “All terms of the Casino License Agreement were developed and are amended only by the CNMI Lottery Commission.

“The CCC has no authority to issue an exclusive casino license, and the license can only be suspended or revoked upon finding clear and convincing evidence during a hearing… by unanimous vote of the CCC.”

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