MGM China announces MGM 2049 residency show

MGM China announces MGM 2049 residency show

MGM also kicked off its Global Recruitment Program with job opportunities in the performing arts.

Macau.- MGM China and Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou have announced the staging of a show called MGM 2049 at the MGM Theater. The show, which will debut in December, celebrates the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 25th anniversary of Macau’s return to Chinese rule.

The announcement was made during the MGM 2049: Symposium and Global Recruitment Program Kick-off Ceremony. According to a press release, MGM and Zhang aim to use technology to reinterpret traditional Chinese culture from a contemporary perspective. 

MGM also launched a Global Recruitment Program to provide job opportunities for young people interested in performing arts. The goal of MGM 2049 is to develop Macau as a city of performing arts, promoting cultural tourism in the Greater Bay Area and Chinese culture globally.

Pansy Ho, chairperson and executive director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said: “MGM 2049 has cemented MGM’s new milestone in cultural tourism. We are honoured that director Zhang has chosen MGM Theater as the stage where he works with first-rate international professionals to co-create his brand-new residency show in Macau.

“As the city enters a new era of ‘1+4’ diversified development, the launch of this residency at this juncture proves Zhang’s confidence in the future of Macau’s entertainment industry. We both endeavour to transform the show into a distinguished drawcard of cultural tourism.”

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