Macau casinos embrace RFID tables for marketing efficiency

Macau casinos embrace RFID tables for marketing efficiency

All Macau casinos will have RFID tables by year-end.

Macau.- Investment broker Goldman Sachs has reported that all six casino operators in Macau are planning to install RFID (radio frequency identification) tables in the coming months in a bid to enhance marketing efficiency and productivity.

Melco Resorts & Entertainment plans to install such tables in its premium mass gaming area by the end of this month. Galaxy Entertainment Group will install tables in the second quarter and SJM, at Grand Lisboa, in the fourth quarter. MGM China incorporated RFID tables in 2016.

RFID tables, initially introduced for security purposes in 2014, are seen as having the potential to streamline operations and facilitate data-driven marketing. however, concerns regarding data privacy have surfaced as RFID technology enables detailed tracking of player activity.

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