Macau casino operators cannot pay employees with shares

The DSAL has warned there may be penalties.
The DSAL has warned there may be penalties.

The Labour Affairs Bureau has affirmed that casino operators are not allowed to pay their employees in the form of company shares.

Macau.- When casino operator Wynn Macau launched a voluntary scheme through which some management-level staff can take 10 per cent of their salary in the form of company shares, the news surprised some labour associations.

Legislator Ron Lam U Tou queried it with the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) and had it confirmed that Labour Relations Law does not allow casino operators to pay employees through company stocks.

The DSAL said that employees who see their own labour rights and interests affected can inform the office. It said it would take action on the matter by sanctioning the corresponding casino operator in order to protect the legitimate labour rights and interests of employees.

Not all Macau satellite casino jobs will be guaranteed

Kelvin Choi Kam Fu, director of the Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff’s Association has told Macau Daily News that he’s been informed that employees hired directly by satellite casinos will be laid off if the casino closes.

He said only those employees hired by a concessionaire will be rehired again and relocated to other hotels, possibly in other roles. Also, according to Kelvin Choi Kam Fu, in some cases, staff will keep their previous salary package if they agree to be transferred to other departments.

Kam Fu expressed some concern for those hired directly by the satellite casinos and stressed that the government should take action on the matter and should give priority to local residents.

Legislator Ella Lei Cheng I has also called on the government to ensure employees keep their jobs in the transition to new legislation.

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