Lottery sales in China down 13.5% in July

Lottery sales amounted to CNY31.37bn (US$4.55bn) in July.
Lottery sales amounted to CNY31.37bn (US$4.55bn) in July.

Chinese lottery sales in July reached CNY31.37bn (US$4.55bn).

China.- China’s Ministry of Finance has reported that lottery ticket sales reached CNY31.37bn (US$4.55bn) in July, down 13.5 per cent year-on-year. Welfare Lottery sales were CNY12.38bn, up 10 per cent year-on-year. Sports lottery sales dropped by 24 per cent to CNY18.99bn.

In June, lottery ticket sales had reached CNY31.98bn (US$4.74bn), with sales of lottery tickets to support the welfare system at CNY13.08bn, up 16.5 per cent, and, sports lottery tickets reaching CNY18.9bn, down 19.2 per cent. China’s lottery ticket sales in the first seven months fell 0.6 per cent to CNY213.43bn.

China reiterates stance against cross-border gambling

The Chinese government continues its fight against cross-border gambling crimesWang Wenbin, a spokesman from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has advised that anyone involved in such crimes should surrender or face severe punishment.

He said: “No matter what corner of the world a criminal suspect runs to, China will initiate law enforcement cooperation with relevant countries and bring the suspect to justice.”

Wang Wenbin’s comments were made during a routine briefing on Tuesday when he was asked to comment on the recent arrest and extradition of a Chinese national from Thailand on suspicion of cross-border gambling crimes. Chinese businessman She Zhijiang was arrested for allegedly running an illegal online casino.

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