Lawyer seeks to enforce judgment against IPI

Dotts says IPI has yet to fulfill its financial obligation.
Dotts says IPI has yet to fulfill its financial obligation.

Michael Dotts is seeking to enforce a US$397,625.62 judgment against Imperial Pacific International over failure to pay for legal services.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Attorney Michael Dotts’ law firm is seeking the intervention of the Superior Court to enforce a judgment against Imperial Pacific International (IPI) for the amount of US$397,625.62, plus accrued interest. 

The court issued a default judgment against IPI on December 28, 2021, under Comm. R. Civ. Pro. 55 (b)(1), ordering the casino operator to make the payment. However, he says IPI has failed to comply with the court’s order and has made no payment towards the judgment.

According to Mariana’s Variety, Dotts believes that IPI holds funds in the Bank of Saipan, prompting him to request the court’s assistance in executing on those funds. He seeks an order directing the Bank of Saipan to issue cheques on behalf of IPI to his office until the judgment is fully satisfied.

In his motion, Dotts said that if the court is hesitant to authorise execution, he will examine IPI’s ability to pay and determine the most expeditious method for the company to settle. Dotts had represented IPI in various federal and local court cases but quit as legal counsel in 2021 due to IPI’s failure to pay.

Meanwhile, junket operator BigBang Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Imperial Pacific International (IPI), seeking the return of US$351,652.65. It says the funds were deposited as part of their business agreement. 

The lawsuit was filed in Superior Court on March 31, citing breach of contract, non-gratuitous bailment, conversion by demand and refusal, intentional breach of fiduciary duty, negligent breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment.

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