Lawmaker urges Commonwealth Casino Commission board to step down

Lawmaker urges Commonwealth Casino Commission board to step down

Marissa Renee Flores says the CCC has failed to properly regulate IPI.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Representative Marissa Renee Flores has called for the immediate resignation of all Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) board members. Flores claimed they had failed to properly regulate casino operator Imperial Pacific International (IPI).

Speaking during public comments after the CCC’s monthly board meeting, Flores asserted the urgency of revoking IPI’s casino licence, citing financial expenditure and time wasted. According to Saipan Tribune, Flores expressed concerns about IPI’s casino contributing to the Northern Mariana Islands’ alleged blacklisting. Edwin K. Propst and Vicente Camacho joined the call for immediate licence revocation.

During the meeting, CCC board chairman Edward C. DeLeon Guerrero said the CCC has begun investigating IPI owner Ji Xiaobo’s alleged criminal activities and had asked for help from the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Public Safety.

IPI manager/director Howyo Chi was asked to provide documents in IPI’s suitability within 10 days. These include a list of everyone linked to IPI, including their names, disclosures and details of any criminal investigations or convictions.

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