Illegal gambling syndicate targeting Vietnam raided in Subang

Seven Vietnamese nationals have been arrested.
Seven Vietnamese nationals have been arrested.

Authorities in Subang have busted an illegal gambling syndicate that was targeting Vietnamese bettors.

Malaysia.- Police have conducted a raid against an online gambling syndicate in Subang and arrested seven Vietnamese nationals in connection with the illegal site.

According to Subang Jaya deputy OCPD, Superintendent Amihizam Abdul Shukor, the group had been targeting gamblers in Vietnam for around three months.

The police official noted that it was rare for illegal gambling syndicates targeting Vietnam to operate in Subang.

He said: “When we got the intel, we had to confirm that there was gambling involved hence the reason why we had a forensics team with us during the raid. We believe that there are Malaysians involved in the group because they had to have sourced their equipment and help from here. We will liaise with Interpol and their embassy on this matter.”

The sum of money being handled by the illegal operation is not yet known. The suspects will be remanded today (Thursday March 18).

Earlier this month, Malaysian authorities carried out two raids on illegal gambling properties. Three people were arrested for allegedly playing a game of “holo”. Other suspects escaped, but police seized gambling paraphernalia and cash.

It is estimated that Number Forecast Operators (NFOs) in Malaysia lose about RM3 billion (US$724 million) a year due to illegal gambling operations in the country.

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