Hong Kong lifts hotel quarantine measures

Travellers now only have to undergo three days of self-monitoring at a location of their choice.
Travellers now only have to undergo three days of self-monitoring at a location of their choice.

Hong Kong has ended hotel quarantine for arrivals, requiring people to monitor themselves for three days for signs of Covid-19.

Hong Kong.- The Hong Kong government has eased Covid-19 measures after two and a half years of strict control. From today (September 26), people arriving in Hong Kong will no longer have to undergo mandatory hotel quarantine.

Travellers will now have to undergo three days of self-monitoring at the location of their choice, including homes or hotels. Upon arrival, travellers will be given a yellow health code as part of the city’s vaccination card system, barring them from most establishments that require visitors to provide their vaccination status, including restaurants and bars, for three days

In another change, arrivals now only need to show a negative self-administered rapid antigen test for Covid-19 test in digital form 24 hours before boarding a flight. This replaces the need for a negative PCR test before being allowed to board.

Unvaccinated residents can now return to Hong Kong. However, they can only get a vaccination card if they are fully vaccinated. The government will remove quotas for the “Return2hk” program, which allowed a certain number of residents to return from mainland China and Macau without quarantine. The “Come2hk” quota for tourists from both places will also be cancelled.

John Lee Ka-chiu, chief executive, said that if things go well, the government will consider other new measures to allow more activities in Hong Kong and more convenience for travellers.

According to the South China Morning Post, Ka-chiu he said: “Our considerations are based on data analysis of the pandemic. We have also considered factors including people’s livelihoods, economic activities, Hong Kong’s competitiveness and ease of entry.”

Macau: doubts about benefit from Hong Kong’s easing of Covid-19 measures

A week ago, Andy Wu Keng Kuong, president of the Macau Travel Industry Council, gave his opinion about a possible relaxation of Covid-19 countermeasures in Hong Kong and said he didn’t think it could benefit to tourism and gaming in Macau. Wu Keng Kuong told Macao Daily News if Macau maintains its quarantine on inbound travellers, Hong Kong’s move would make little difference.

Wu Keng Kuong stressed that even if Hong Kong adopts a “zero plus seven” policy on entry, it won’t be very beneficial for Macau. He suggested Macau should reduce quarantine days to five or fewer in order to attract more tourists.

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