Crown Perth apologises after contractor films cricketer’s hotel room

Crown says it immediately launched in an investigation.
Crown says it immediately launched in an investigation.

A hotel contractor entered Virat Kohli’s hotel room while he was out.

Australia.- Crown Perth was the scene of a minor scandal involving Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. The sportsman claims a stranger entered his hotel room and filmed inside while he wasn’t there. A video shared online under the title “King Kohli’s Hotel Room” showed the cricket star’s neatly organised belongings.

Crown Perth has issued a statement apologising for what happened. It said the video was shot by a contractor working at its Burswood hotel and casino complex. It said it will take steps to ensure it remains an isolated incident.

The casino operator stated: “Crown took immediate steps to rectify the issue, including launching an investigation, standing down the individuals involved and removing them from the Crown account. The original video was also swiftly removed from the social media platform. 

“We are also cooperating with the Indian Cricket team and the International Cricket Council to convey our apologies and will continue to work with them as we progress our investigation.”

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