Anna Batarina, Atlaslive: “We strive to make the player experience seamless and rewarding”

Anna Batarina, Atlaslive’s Casino Product Officer.
Anna Batarina, Atlaslive’s Casino Product Officer.

Anna Batarina, casino product officer at Atlaslive reviews the latest news from the company and gives details about upcoming plans.

Exclusive interview.- Today, Anna Batarina, casino product officer at Atlaslive, discusses the application of new technologies in Atlaslive’s platform, namely, the casino component enhancement, the importance of responsible gaming, and the company’s plans for the future.

In this exclusive interview, she shares her insights on the company’s approaches, priorities, and opportunities facing the industry, and how Atlaslive casino component is positioning itself to lead in the competitive market. 

It would be interesting to learn more about the Atlaslive casino component. What does it include and what advantages does it offer?

Well, Atlaslive offers a uniquely customizable Platform that caters to both sportsbook and casino functionalities. Partners have the freedom to set up the Platform to their personal style and preferences, which is important when you are choosing the market you want to operate in. Getting started is as easy as contacting us with your requirements.  

One of our key advantages is our extensive game library. We have more than 15,000 games from world-renowned game providers. Our game portfolio includes slots, live casino games, table games, virtual games, lotteries, megaways, bonus buy features, and more, ensuring there is something to suit every taste and preference worldwide.

We also integrate popular game activities. These integrations offer unique and engaging experiences that attract and retain players, making our Platform even more appealing.

“Atlaslive offers a uniquely customizable Platform that caters to both sportsbook and casino functionalities.”

Anna Batarina, Atlaslive’s casino product officer.

Equally important, we have a dedicated Operations and Risks team that works daily to prevent fraud, identify and close product vulnerabilities, reduce business risks, and increase GGR in the casino segment. This proactive approach ensures that our Platform remains secure, reliable, and profitable for our operators.

So, if you ask me, what sets the Atlaslive casino component apart is its high customization level, all-inclusive game selection, exciting integrations, and stringent security measures. These features collectively make our Platform a superior choice in the competitive online casino market.

Many businesses today face challenges with personalizing customer and user experiences, and the online casino industry is no exception. How does Atlaslive casino component enable operators to customize their offerings to individual preferences and behaviours?

At Atlaslive, we understand the importance of personalization in delivering an exceptional user experience. As a data-driven company, we use vast amounts of data to understand user behaviour and preferences. Our Platform is designed to harness this data responsibly, allowing operators to tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of each user.

With our advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, we can suggest personalized content, game recommendations, and promotions based on individual user activities. This ensures that every user receives a unique and engaging experience that keeps them coming back.

Moreover, our Platform provides operators with robust tools to create custom segments and triggers. This flexibility allows operators to design and implement personalized campaigns and offers that truly resonate with their audience. By using Atlaslive, operators can enhance user engagement and satisfaction, ultimately driving higher retention rates and maximizing revenue.

Retaining players is important in the casino industry. What specific features or tools does Atlaslive casino component include to boost player engagement and retention rates?

Keeping players engaged matters, so we’ve tailored our casino component to do just that. We use a combination of personalized bonuses, exciting tournaments, and comprehensive loyalty programs so that players have good reasons to stay. By the way, ​​our partners have reported up to a 30 per cent increase in player retention rates after implementing our customized bonus campaigns.

We also host engaging tournaments and offer a tiered loyalty program, rewarding players for their loyalty in ways that feel personal and meaningful. Operators can set up tiered loyalty schemes, where players earn points for their activity and can redeem these points for rewards.

This not only incentivizes regular play but also enhances player loyalty. Partners using our loyalty programs have observed a 20 per cent improvement in player retention.

“Keeping players engaged matters, so we’ve tailored our casino component to do just that.”

Anna Batarina, Atlaslive’s casino product officer.

Our CRM tools are the backbone of these efforts, enabling operators to send targeted, personalized messages that make players feel truly valued. This approach has led to a 15 per cent increase in user engagement for our partners.

Overall, we strive to make the player experience seamless and rewarding, which is key to boosting retention and staying competitive in this industry.

How does the Atlaslive casino component ensure compliance with international gambling regulations, and what tools are available to promote responsible gaming among users?

At Atlaslive, we take compliance with international gambling regulations very seriously. Our Platform is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data protection and privacy. We have developed our Platform with a strong focus on Responsible Gambling, providing operators with the tools they need to promote safe and fair gaming practices.

Each user account profile is equipped with robust responsible gaming settings. These settings allow users to set personal restrictions such as deposit limits, session time limits, and self-exclusion options to help prevent gaming addiction. Additionally, we have integrated features that enable operators to monitor and manage potentially problematic gaming behaviours in real time.

We don’t stop there, we also partner with leading international organizations focused on responsible gambling. This collaboration helps us to be in tune with the best practices and latest developments in responsible gaming initiatives, ensuring that our Platform supports and encourages safe gaming environments.

We continuously enhance and upgrade our Platform to provide operators with ready-made solutions all in one place, ensuring they have everything they need to comply with new regulations seamlessly.

Can you share some insights into the future plans and upcoming changes for the Atlaslive casino product? How do you plan to develop and enhance it to stay ahead in the competitive market?

I’m personally excited to see where we’re headed. I think one of the most promising areas we’re exploring is blockchain technology. This could transform how we ensure transparency and security, offering our users provably fair gaming and rock-solid transactions. 

We are actively using big data and AI to analyse user behaviour and preferences in real-time so that we can provide game recommendations and promotions that feel almost custom-made. This kind of personalization is key to boosting user engagement and satisfaction.

Moreover, we’re continually refining our Platform’s UI/UX to make it as intuitive and smooth as possible, which I believe is fundamental for attracting and retaining modern users. And, of course, we’re planning to broaden our game portfolio by working with more top-tier game providers, bringing a richer variety of games to players.

Responsible gaming remains a cornerstone of our strategy, too. We’re enhancing our features to allow for even more effective self-regulation and monitoring of gaming behaviour. As we grow globally, ensuring compliance with the diverse regulations of new markets, such as Brazil, is a priority. We’re preparing to meet these changes by adapting our offerings to fit local needs.

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