Alfastreet talks about Royal Derby machine

alfastreet royal derby

Next opportunity to see Royal Derby will be at G2E Las Vegas 2018.

The company, which has been successfully placing Royal Derby for three years now, talks about the machine’s journey.

Slovenia.- It’s been almost three years since Alfastreet first showed its mechanical horse race machine. Naturally, this was an advanced machine with complicated mechanical parts, RNG controlled software and somehow special design. Brand new, and one of its kind on the current gaming market (at that time) this machine could be associated with the similar concept product that was famous around many gaming clubs around the world. The machine ruled the club scene, as the company believed that it was not fit and proper to be certified and placed in a regulated casino environment. 

Regardless, Alfastreet can call its Royal Derby a next generation product of the same kind. When originally presented, this machine raised considerable interest, as well as skepticism related to its reliability due to complex design, and also related to its potential profitability.

“Almost three years down the road, we can say that this machine fulfilled our expectations, although, skepticism was in place at the initial stage. Certification was easy, as all of our products are based on the same system that’s reliable and efficient. Certification was followed by placement of the several products around the world. Fairly said, we did experience mechanical issues with some of the more complex parts of the game,” said the company.

“Also, the logistics of moving and installing such oversized machine, created additional challenge for our team. All this was followed by realizing, that the typical players of Royal Derby, don’t have many similarities to people that bet on real horse races. All these things occupies our constructors, our software and hardware teams, and since Royal Derby is a unique machine, we had to learn as we went along,” it added.

Since the initial launch, Royal Derby has been placed in numerous places around the globe, starting from Europe, followed by US, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. “At this point there are more than 100+ units installed and we’re very thankful to all that supported us through the initial stage of issues and modifications,” said Alfastreet.

Today, Royal Derby is a modern, sophisticated product, with loyal players in many Casinos around the world. Although this machine probably won’t justify the foot print, if compared to the same foot print occupied by slot machines, Royal Derby still brings additional value to the gaming floor. Royal Derby brings attention, diversity, entertainment. 

Besides the ‘entertainment’ factor, Alfastreet is more than assured, that Royal Derby brings additional revenue to the Casino, and even if making less when evaluated according to its footprint, all the earnings are addition and not a deduction from the operator’s floor. Royal Derby fits into the ‘Cup is half full’ kind of environment.

Having gone through all the needed transformations, Royal Derby is reliable and efficient gaming product, ready and certified in most global jurisdictions. Based on its success, Royal Derby is now already evolved into Car Race, Wet Race, and probably something more. 

“We’re now officially ready and able, to call this product a part of our mainline of products, with adequate track record and positive potential for the future. Next opportunity for everyone to see and feel Royal Derby, will be at this year’s G2E in Las Vegas,” added the company.

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