Alberta online gambling still under review

The province’s Finance Minister explained that the local government has to further study the benefits of the policy.

Canada.- According to Alberta’s Finance Minister Joe Ceci despite the province’s needs of diversifying its revenue streams due to low oil prices, the state isn’t ready to get into online gambling. “It’s not a policy issue that I’m fully briefed on, want to bring forward or consider bringing forward at this time,” Ceci stated.

During an interview with local CBC News, Ceci explained that government is aware that citizens are already gambling online, but he believes there are some risks that outweigh the potential financial benefits. “I think we need to see the positives and negatives of what that might mean for Albertans before I deal with that policy issue. So, still under review. I think there’s a downside potentially as well, and so I fully understand what those implications are. I’m not signed up,” the Finance Minister considered.

Last February the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission opened a tender to companies eager to provide online gaming to Alberta. As some analysts have said, the province could be missing out on millionaire revenues.

Alberta is one of the last two remaining Canadian provinces that do not offer online gambling services through their provincial gambling monopoly.