AGA urges states to update regulations

AGA regulations

The AGA wants states to update their regulations.

The organisation wants states to ensure they keep regulations updated to keep up with the evolving industry.

US.- The ever-changing industry has regulators worried about how to keep up with what gaming needs to become a better performing business. That’s why the American Gaming Association (AGA) has urged states across the US to update their regulations to ensure they are properly designed to fulfil their purpose.

The AGA published a white paper entitled ‘Advancing Regulatory Modernization: Building on a Record of Success’, in which it explains that regulatory changes across several states have impacted on the market.

While it highlights Nevada client-friendly regulations, it refers to Ohio’s and Michigan’s rules to speed up the gaming machines’ installing/removing process. Furthermore, Pennsylvania and Mississippi have taken action to get gambling investors by increasing the ownership share that is required for an institutional investor to acquire a gaming licence.

“By watching other jurisdictions to identify promising reforms, many are finding new ways to approach their vital mission,” the AGA said and added: “Only through constant re-examination of these regulatory standards and many others can regulators achieve their goal of ensuring a successful gaming industry that operates in the public interest while incorporating evolving technologies in today’s fast-paced economy.”

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