Adelson-owned newspaper endorses Trump

Adelson has come under fire for breaching the principles of journalism.
Adelson has come under fire for breaching the principles of journalism.

The casino magnate’s Las Vegas Review-Journal has endorsed the president for reelection.

US.- The Las Vegas Review-Journal, has openly endorsed Donald Trump for the upcoming US elections.

The newspaper belongs to Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the casino operator Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

In an article entitled “REVIEW-JOURNAL ENDORSEMENT: President of the United States”, the newspaper states its reasons for supporting Trump.

It wrote: “the most pressing matter facing Nevada and the nation in coming months, and even years, will be the resurrection of the economy post-pandemic. Mr. Trump’s record on job creation and economic growth speaks for itself,”

The article concludes: “For all his flaws, Donald J. Trump stands in forceful contrast to the relentless progressive attacks on this nation that deny and minimize the advances we have made over the decades to better reflect and honor our founding ideals. He deserves a second term.”

Adelson has been the Republican party’s largest donor for the past two elections.

The octogenarian has been accused of breaching the pillars of journalism in order to push his own agenda through his ownership of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Adelson has dismissed the allegations arguing that “the Review-Journal is already on my side of the political spectrum.” 

Both presidential candidates are competing for the votes of the casino industry, but with different strategies.

Trump’s Department of Justice has attempted to impede the expansion of online gaming, while Biden has assured the Culinary Union that he was against imposing unnecessary restrictions.