14 illegal gambling venues shut down in Alabama

The facilities ran over 2,400 illegal slot machines.
The facilities ran over 2,400 illegal slot machines.

The Attorney General’s Office conducted raids against electronic bingo casinos.

US.- The Alabama Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that it participated in raids on 14 electronic bingo casino, removing machines and shuttering the locations. Alabama attorney general Steve Marshall confirmed the operations in a news conference.

Marshall’s office sought and executed search warrants at each of the venues. It found over 2,400 illegal slot machines at multiple non-profit and for-profit entities. Under temporary restraining orders, the facilities must cease all operations, the property cannot be used or accessed, and there can be no further financial transactions.

During a press conference, Marshall said: “The law-abiding citizens who live around these facilities and who own property in these areas are the forgotten victims of these type of establishments, establishments that are historically associated with thefts, fraud, gangs, drugs and ultimately violence. 

“Laws are laws. Gambling is illegal in Alabama, as the Supreme Court recently affirmed. Allowing illegal gambling and activity to operate freely in broad daylight is offensive to the rule of law, and we simply aren’t going to tolerate it.”

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