Saipan casino may face new tax

National authorities are debating the potential increase in gaming taxes among the industry.

Russia confirms gambling tax hike

The Eurasian country is planning to double gaming taxes starting January 1, 2018.

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Netherlands introduces temporary gambling tax rise

Members of the Parliament announced plans to implement a temporary rise in the current tax rate from July 2018 to January 2019.


Federations against tax hike in Kenya

Entities who are benefited from gambling firms in Kenya will push to stop the government’s 35 percent tax hike.


Betting firms in Kenya worried about tax

The operators from Kenya are worried that the measure to increase betting taxes to 50 percent could be reintroduced in the future.

Cambodia grows with casinos

Cambodia became a potential casino market as new investors have landed in the country.


Kenya approves gambling tax hike

The president of Kenya signed a law that approves the rise of gambling taxes from 5 to 35 percent.


Kenya faces new gambling tax

After rejecting a 50 percent increase in gambling taxes, MPs in Kenya approved a 35 percent rise on gambling companies.


Kenya MPs reject gambling tax hike

The legislators voted against the measure that would’ve increased all gambling taxes to 50 percent.

India to tax lottery tickets.

India to implement controversial tax

The government is expected to place a 28 percent tax on lottery tickets in India and has raised unrest among local operators.


MPs to vote on betting tax in Kenya

The lawmakers will repeat the vote that would force betting operators to pay a 50 percent tax of gross profits in Kenya.


Indiana bill could change casino taxes

A new bill is set to introduce several changes for the casino industry in the state.