India to tax lottery tickets.

India to implement controversial tax

The government is expected to place a 28 percent tax on lottery tickets in India and has raised unrest among local operators.


Uganda to modify its gambling taxes

An official from Uganda expressed his concerns regarding the current situation of the gambling industry in the country.


Stakeholders against betting tax in Kenya

Betting companies expressed their opposition to the measure that the government of Kenya set to raise taxes in all categories to 50 percent.


Australia tightens online gambling taxes

An agreement between state counterparts and the federal Treasurer of Australia would set a nationwide point of consumption tax.


Kenya imposes betting punitive tax

The government of Kenya decided to raise betting taxes in all categories to 50 percent.


Indian state rises lottery tax

The measure imposed by the Maharashtra government is set to take effect on July 1.


Kenya’s national budget to increase gambling taxes

As the annual reading of the national budget gets closer, several experts advised MPs to increase gambling tax rates in Kenya.


Indiana bill could change casino taxes

A new bill is set to introduce several changes for the casino industry in the state.


Philippines to increase lottery taxes

If the measure gets the approval, lottery winnings would be affected with a 20 percent tax.

Pennsylvania to debate new gaming bill

State legislators would decide this month the financial proposal for casino host communities.

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Indiana’s tax revenue to suffer significant loss

An upcoming tribal casino will cause a millionaire loss on the state’s tax revenues.


UK to revise its plan to tax online gambling operators

The government decided to review its tax plan for online casino and bingo freeplays.