Illinois evaluates iGaming bill

Illinois legislators are holding several meetings to discuss a possible online gaming regulation.


iGaming in Illinois could generate $1.7 billion

If the Legislature passes an online gambling bill that was introduced in Illinois, the state could generate US$1.7 billion in the first five years.


Illinois Senate passes DFS bill

An iGaming and daily fantasy sports bill was passed yesterday by the Illinois Senate.

Illinois rejects another casino

Legislators of Illinois attempted to expand the current casino legislation to add permissions.

Illinois can approve another casino

Illinois authorities would allow another casino in Springfield, where MGM is opening a luxury venue.


Illinois passes a gaming bill

The bill that was passed by the State Senate from Illinois that would allow a casino in Danville is now headed to the House.


Illinois gets ready for DFS regulation

A bill to legalise and regulate the DFS industry in Illinois has been introduced in the General Assembly.

video parlors

Video parlors sued Illinois state

Two companies that own gambling parlor sued the state over profit-sharing regulations.


Illinois can reintroduce a gaming bill

The Illinois Senate is assessing a gaming bill that is part of several reforms, but legislators can reintroduce a separate one.

More complaints against Illinois Lottery

Private operator of the Illinois Lottery has been denounced twice for seeming irregularities in the company’s gaming services.


Illinois wants to bring casinos to Chicago

The bill establishes that casinos in Chicago would bring the state an extra 20 percent in revenues.

New investments, key to compete in the gaming market

Horseshoe Hammond Senior VP and GM Dan Nita highlighted investments and hospitality as the key for Northwest Indiana’s casinos to compete in the market.