Work starts on new tribal casino in Oklahoma

Work starts on new tribal casino in Oklahoma

A new tribal casino will be developed in the city of Cache, Oklahoma, the Comanche Nation.

US.- The Comanche Nation has officially launched the construction of a new casino in Cache, Oklahoma.

The casino will cover 17,000 square foot at the intersection of Highway 62 and Highway 115. It is expected that besides the gambling area with 250 machines, it will have a convenience store and a sit-down restaurant.

The building will focus on the history and culture of the Comanche Nation, particularly the historic leader Quanah Parker. The casino is expected to open on New Year’s Eve.

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Comanche Nation Entertainment CEO Mia Tahdooahnippah said: “We have culture and long tradition in the town, Comanche’s have been here long before the state became a state. Quanah Parker’s original home site, where the Star House was, is just a few miles right behind me up the street. So it’s a really special place to the Comanche Tribe”.

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