Woodbine casino could help city development

woodbine casino

Credits: beus.cz

The current operator of the horse-racing track in Woodbine, Canada, unveiled plans to build a new community in Toronto.

Canada.- After Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG) selected a partnership between Great Canadian Gaming Corp and Brookfield Business Partners to be the new owner of its slots at Woodbine, the current operator of the horse-racing track Woodbine Entertainment Group said that they can all work together to develop a new community in Toronto.

Woodbine Entertainment Group chief executive Jim Lawson said that he has a plan to build a new community that includes gambling in Toronto’s northwest corner. The rezoning applications are being reviewed by the City of Toronto, as The Star revealed. Lawson revealed that he talked with Great Canadian Gaming and Brookfield and that he’s confident that their plans can merge to create a new “within a city” that would stable more than 2000 horses, the news outlet reported.

Whilst racing uses 240 acres, another 60 could be destined to entertainment, gaming, a hotel, restaurants, as well as s convention centre and theatres. “About half of that may well be for initiatives of the winning bidder but we’re certainly open to speaking to them about further development,” the official said, who believes that replacing the slot machine parlor with a full casino to make an integrated entertainment complex should be the trigger for the rest of the site.