Wilder Brito, WA.Technology: “Meeting regulatory changes as they evolve is the main challenge in an emerging market as the Brazilian”

Wilder Brito, WA.Technology director of operations Brazil.
Wilder Brito, WA.Technology director of operations Brazil.

WA.Technology’s director of operations Brazil, spoke with Focus Gaming News about the expectations ahead of SiGMA Americas, and the challenges of the Brazilian market. 

Exclusive interview.- In anticipation of SiGMA Americas 2024, Focus Gaming News caught up with Wilder Brito, director of Operations Brazil at WA.Technology, to delve into the company preparations, perspectives on the LatAm market, its challenges and the WA.Technology’s goals for the rest of the year.

What does this edition of SiGMA Americas mean for WA.Technology?

We’re using the event to showcase our strengthened focus on Latin America. We’re well established in Brazil and expanding into countries like Mexico, echoing our successful Brazilian model. WA.Technology’s solutions are the power behind many successful LatAm operators, such as our clients Sambabet and Flybet.

At SiGMA Americas, we’ll showcase our recently upgraded WA.Platform and our WA.Lottery, WA.Fantasy, and WA.Sports products are now enhanced to be bigger and better than ever before. However, our main focus is our brand-new product, WA.Affiliates. It’s a cutting-edge affiliate solution that blends real-time analytics, custom agreements, and gamification with localised creations, designed to boost profitability, streamline operations, and expand our clients’ market presence.

What do you think will be the big talking points at SiGMA Americas?

Discussions will likely revolve around regulations and the many markets that are building successful igaming positions. Integrating emerging technologies and embracing new ways to engage, such as different types of sports betting experiences or new lottery games (both popular across LatAm), will also be high on the agenda. 

The sanction of Law 14.790 changed the scenery of the Brazilian gaming industry. How do you expect things in Brazil to evolve following the approval of legislation for the regulated market?

We anticipate a continued surge in market entry by new operators and an influx of iGaming commerce. Established regulations mean increased player protection and significant economic growth. Sports betting options are perfect for operators looking to enter or expand in markets where sport is the major draw. WA.Sports, for example, offers comprehensive coverage, numerous sports and betting options, and localised content for each LatAm market. Its ability to adapt to and comply with local regulations makes it the ideal choice.

“We anticipate a continued surge in market entry by new operators and an influx of iGaming commerce. Established regulations mean increased player protection and significant economic growth.”

Wilder Brito, WA.Technology director of operations Brazil.

What challenges does an emerging but at the same time giant market like Brazil have?

Meeting regulatory changes as they evolve is the main challenge. Operators must be flexible in their approach, ensuring compliance while addressing the preferences of a diverse player base. With its adaptable and scalable infrastructure, the WA.Platform solution offers features such as localised content management and regulatory compliance tools that help operators navigate these hurdles and adjust to cater to the unique Brazilian market. A competent, experienced legal and compliance team and market experts are also essential.

WA.Technology stands out through its personalised and bespoke approach to iGaming solutions. How do you keep up with all the customers’ demands and the different needs of users from all over the world?

Two of WA.Technology’s fundamental principles are customisation and localisation. Since its inception, the focus has been to provide thoroughly unique solutions to every single client, taking into account the target audience.

WA.Technology is a global company that operates locally, and that ethos extends to its recruitment of expert team members and partnerships with external entities. Our team does well by harnessing insights from our international operations and tailoring our solutions, such as our improved WA.Platform, to meet specific market and customer needs.

“Two of WA.Technology’s fundamental principles are customisation and localisation.”

Wilder Brito, WA.Technology director of Operations Brazil.

WA.Technology specialises in emerging markets. How do you respond to the complex requirements that this can entail?

We focus on flexibility, adaptability, and a solid knowledge of the complexities of each market. We keep regulations at the forefront and are guided by delivering customised solutions that resonate with local people and their culture. 

Take our recent African-specific solution, WA.Africa. We recognise that Africa presents needs quite differently from other markets, and we meet those needs with our omnichannel platform solution that combines mobile, online and retail functionality. WA.Africa operates through a solution that’s time-tested across Africa, making it relevant and reactive to the needs of our African clients.

What importance do you give to the opportunity to meet with all those who are part of the industry at this and other events?

Events like SiGMA Americas are invaluable for networking. Learning more about industry trends and showcasing our latest solutions and products is a fantastic experience. As a rapidly growing B2B provider across Latin America, our role puts us in a strong position within LatAm-based events.

What are the company’s main goals for the rest of the year?

Our primary objectives include consolidating our presence in Latin America, particularly Brazil and Mexico, and further afield in Africa. One of our latest ventures is, WA.Affiliates is a specialist iGaming affiliate solution that benefits from the talented team who’ve already brought us so much success in the region. We are excited to see that grow.

We will also continue to enhance our product offerings, such as WA.Platform and WA.Sports, introduce more exciting new options like our latest WA.Fantasy and WA.Lottery offerings, and continue to explore new opportunities in the rest of the world.

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