WeAreGame welcomes Andrea Giuliani as head of business development

Andrea Giuliani, head of business development.
Andrea Giuliani, head of business development.

Andrea has extensive experience in the industry with a successful track record that spans more than eleven years.

Press release.- WeAreGame announced Andrea Giuliani, a highly experienced igaming consultant and software professional in B2B and B2C international marketing and sales strategy, as its head of business development.

Andrea has extensive experience in the industry with a successful track record that spans more than eleven years. He brings to WeAreGame the broad knowledge and experience gained working in leading roles at several big-name igaming businesses.

Andrea began his journey initially by introducing a solution that has since undergone rebranding and gained significant recognition in the field as Altenar. Then, the market had more clients than available products.

However, the landscape has evolved considerably since, leading to intense competition and a reversed dynamic where the industry now boasts an abundance of products. Nonetheless, competition has proven to be a catalyst for technological advancement and progress, fostering a positive environment.

Andrea enjoys seeking new challenges in his career, and later he joined a team of other professionals and embarked on a new venture targeting emerging markets, with a primary focus on Africa and LatAm. This endeavour eventually led to the acquisition of the company by multiple organisations. The enterprise, initially named Btobet, has since become a part of esteemed groups such as Aspire Global, Neo Games, and Aristocrat.

However, his journey did not stop there. In a quest to deepen his understanding and expertise in well-established markets, where compliance and regulation play a vital role, he decided to join SBTech. This move allowed him to expand his reach into Europe, LatAm, Africa, and, most significantly, the US market. Once again, collective efforts yielded remarkable results, culminating in the business acquisition by DraftKings. This success propelled him further on his career path.

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At this juncture, Andrea recognised the need for a strategic move that would grant comprehensive insight into the global igaming landscape. There was no better destination for this purpose than Sportradar. During his tenure there, he accomplished his goal of broadening his knowledge of untapped markets, collaborating with both B2C and B2B clients, and availing himself of a range of services. This experience enabled him to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of various platforms and sportsbook providers. Finally, armed with this recipe for success, he understood what truly works and what merely constitutes a ‘nice-to-have’ feature.

He was motivated to join WeAreGame for the opportunity to work with an exceptional team of professionals with extensive knowledge and a shared passion for technology, sports, and the iGaming industry. However, his primary aspiration was to collaborate with companies that align with his values, and it was in the WeAreGame environment that he indeed found his place.

Andrea states, “At this organisation, employees are valued members of a family, not treated as mere numbers. With such a mindset, I firmly believe in confronting any challenge head-on, leading to remarkable achievements within a concise timeframe.”

Pixbet (like other leading brands in Brazil) is powered by WeAreGame, evidence of the company’s success. Pixbet emerged as a leader in one of the world’s largest markets in almost no time. These successes are indicative of the extraordinary potential that exists within the organisation. Moreover, other emerging markets will rapidly follow suit, presenting the company with an exhilarating landscape. Without a doubt, this is an exciting time to be a part of the WeAreGame team.

Stability and localisation are fundamental pillars of success, and these principles form the essence of WeAreGame. WeAreGame recognises that there can be no business without clients, so it holds their trust, respect, and satisfaction as its utmost priority.

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WeAreGame differentiates itself by establishing dedicated channels and allocating resources tailored to each partner. This approach offers comprehensive services and knowledge that consistently positions its clients one step ahead of the competition. Together, the team embraces the spirit of “WeAreGame!” as it embarks on this exhilarating journey.

This simple recipe for success has already proven its effectiveness and will continue to generate countless success stories in the future. By choosing WeAreGame, clients gain a trusted partner who understands their unique needs, delivers unmatched stability, and provides localised solutions that set them apart in the market.

Andrea Giuliani said: “WeAreGame has grown considerably in the past year alone. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and expertise from my extensive years of experience in the iGaming industry and using it to build an even stronger WeAreGame.”

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WeAreTechnology Group, stated: “Andrea is an excellent asset to the company. He has many years of experience in the B2B and B2C iGaming industry with a proven record of success and accomplishments. We are confident that Andrea is just the person to take WeAreGame to the next level, with his eye for detail and business acumen. We are delighted that he has decided to continue his journey with us. Welcome to the team, Andrea.”
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