“We marked EGT’s 20th anniversary with a great rebranding campaign”

Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT.
Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing at EGT.

Focus Gaming News spoke with Nadia Popova, VP of Sales & Marketing, about the company’s 20 years and the plans for the future.

Exclusive interview.- EGT is celebrating its first 20 years in the market with new horizons and ambitious plans to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive industry.

To discuss these changes and projects, Focus Gaming News spoke with Nadia Popova, VP of Sales and Marketing at EGT, who told us why the company changed its logo and took a look back at the company’s history.

EGT has recently changed its logo. What’s the reason for this change, why did you decide to do it right now?

EGT turned 20 years this month and we marked the anniversary with a new logo. During these two decades, the company has evolved a lot. Тhis development, which has happened and continues to happen in all verticals – market, human, product, naturally led to the evolution and change of the overall vision of the company. 

The rebranding we have done, on the one hand, reflects the fundamental values ​​that the company professes from the very beginning – responsibility, respectfulness and honesty in its relations with its partners and а constant pursuit of improvement and innovation. 

On the other hand, it embodies the new modern vision of EGT and the important place it occupies – a leader in the global gaming industry with a presence on 5 continents. 

Last but not least, it reflects the completeness that the company has achieved in terms of the production process, which we proudly can say is 360 degrees closed. 

Twenty years is a long time in gaming. What would you say are the biggest changes and developments EGT has seen in its time?

Yes, twenty years is a long time and I’m really glad to say that EGT has achieved a lot through this period and a lot more is to come. 

Оur industry is very challenging, because it’s extremely dynamic, which requires us to be highly responsive to players’ preferences and needs and at the same time to remain competitive in terms of the quality/price ratio of our products and services. 

It’s not easy but it’s very interesting and rewarding as well. One of the main reasons why the company has so many long-term employees is the fact that we offer them the opportunity to constantly develop, acquire new knowledge and put their ideas into practice.

If you consider EGT’s vision and philosophy when the company was born in Sofia in 2002, how would you say the company compares today and has it achieved what it intended? 

EGT’s vision is to be a global driving force behind progressive thinking and performance in the casino industry, changing the way it works and the way it is perceived, all the while serving as an example of a successful, independent, and honest business enterprise.

We have achieved all this and I can proudly say that today the company’s name is synonymous with high quality and prestige. Now our efforts are focused on maintaining and upgrading these global positions even further. 

What do you think remains the attraction of physical slots despite the advent of online casinos, and where do you think physical slots will go in the next 20 years?

Casinos are primarily social places and players visit them not only because they enjoy games and entertainment, but also because the gaming establishments allow them to communicate with other people. That‘s why we believe that physical venues will continue to be a centre of attraction for them regardless of the development of online gaming. The detailed analysis of players’ behaviour and habits and the changes in them are at the core of the innovations we create, and I am confident that we will continue to offer attractive gaming products. 

“We believe that physical venues will continue to be a centre of attraction regardless of the development of online gaming.”

Nadia Popova, VP Sales & Marketing at EGT.

Our concept is simple but very effective – to create a variety of gaming content for different age groups with a focus on entertainment. Of course, we do not neglect online gaming, on the contrary – we are developing it very seriously through EGT Digital, but we believe that the charm of physical slots will continue to have its fans in the next 20 years.

What’s next for EGT?

We are planning to preserve our sustainable growth as we continue to create interesting gaming titles and machines. In order to achieve that and to develop further at the same pace, we will continue to always look a step forward into the future as we have endeavoured to do for all those 20 years.

The company currently has 26 offices worldwide and delivers its gaming equipment in over 100 jurisdictions. We would like to expand our presence in even more markets. 

“Asia is a new territory for which we think we have a huge potential for development.”

Nadia Popova, VP Sales & Marketing at EGT.

In the coming years, we plan to open several offices on that continent, as the first countries in Asia we will set foot in are the Philippines and Singapore.

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