“We have big plans for the LatAm region”

Luiz Gustavo Zonca talked about the upcoming Peru Gaming Show.
Luiz Gustavo Zonca talked about the upcoming Peru Gaming Show.

(Exclusive interview).- Luiz Gustavo Zonca, Managing Director LatAm at Sportradar, discussed with Focus Gaming News the company’s plans for the year.

Sportradar is set to attend the Peru Gaming Show and showcase its offering for thousands of visitors. Luis Gustavo zonca, Managing Director LatAm of the company, talked with Focus Gaming News about this year’s event.

Do you think that the legalisation of sports betting in the US will have a significant impact on other countries in the American continent?

The recent Supreme Court decision in the US obviously has significant implications for the country’s own sporting and betting landscape but there is little doubt the reverberations have been seen and heard beyond the US’s borders. So while every country will react differently to what is happening in the US, every country will be looking at what took place and what will follow and make its own interpretation. From our point of view, some countries will look to speed up any existing or running regulatory process, some will start their own regulatory journey. Other companies, such as Brazil, will now in all likelihood come under significant pressure to get their own regulatory process rolling. It feels fair to say that the heat under every country will go up at least a notch and that makes working in South America now a very exciting and vibrant prospect.

“The Peru Gaming Show remains critical for Sportradar.”

Peru Gaming Show gives you the opportunity to interact with other operators in the region. Are you actively looking for new partnerships?

As my answer above shows, we are now entering some critical months and years for the South American market. With that in mind, we are always keen to identify, meet and share thoughts with potential new partners for the region. In that regard, the Peru Gaming Show remains critical as we get a quite unique chance to meet regulators, operators and other stakeholders connected to the industry, all from different countries and all in one location. Previous editions have been really rewarding for us and we are in no doubt that the 2018 edition will be equally fruitful for us at Betradar.

Will you be showcasing new products at Peru Gaming Show?

With the World Cup just around the corner, we are delighted to have a range of products that really tap into the buzz and excitement around this tournament. We will be outlining our World Cup Live Sports Center that is an ideal content solution to drive insight and engagement. We will also be able to showcase our Virtual World Cup which allows punters to experience a World Cup tournament, pretty much every hour!

Apart from that, we will be showcasing our audiovisual suite in our Live Channel Online offering as well as our Managed trading Services which could be just the answer Peruvian operators are looking for!

What is the biggest difference when showcasing products in South America and other markets?

Quite honestly, we now live in a very global betting environment which means that there aren’t really huge differences in our approach. That is of course not to say that individual clients may not have their own unique needs and we at Betradar pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness, always making sure that we craft the perfect offering to meet specific objectives and needs. And that means we offer and deliver very different services to different clients in the same country. After all, some are 100 per cent online, some are 100 per cent retail, some are a mix, while some are focused on sports betting, others are looking at esports and another set love virtuals. No matter what they want and in what configuration, we have the products and expertise to make sure they leave our meetings satisfied and excited.

“Our aim is to keep growing the brand across the region.”

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We can’t give too much away but as should be clear from these answers, we have big plans for the LatAm region. Our aim is to keep growing the brand across the region, to continue helping local regulators and also to help safeguard the integrity of the sports the region is so passionate about. It goes without saying that the last piece is super important to ensure effective regulation and to deliver a viable product for any betting developments.

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