Vermantia is APLA’s new member

Vermantia will network with global lottery organisations to boost the industry in the region.

Asia Pacific Lottery Association operates with gaming companies from different countries in Asia and America.

Asia.- Last Friday, Vermantia announced its incorporation to the Asia Pacific Lottery Association –APLA– in order to become a member of the worldwide gaming community. The leader in onmi-channel virtual and live sports services will be part of APLA, which is also one of five regional members of the World Lottery Association –WLA–.

The recent agreement allows Vermantia to reach further partners and global clients. The company will provide tailored content, strong team of lottery and gaming experts to 25 lotteries from 10 countries in Asia Pacific region, all of them represented by APLA. The Asian organisation perceives around US$21 billion of annual revenues and its members develop a networking system to improve lottery’s services around the world.

“This new membership in APLA association recognises Vermantia’s remarkable growth and progress in a transformational 2015 within the lottery industry. We firmly believe that our participation in APLA will benefit our business, as this will enable us to move into a US$21 billion gaming market, introduce our premium content and bring best-of-breed gaming services to Asia Pacific lotteries,” stated Filippos Antonopoulos, Vermantia’s CEO.