Veikkaus closes restaurant slots in renewed Covid-19 measures

Veikkaus has had to close its restaurant slots in Satakunta.
Veikkaus has had to close its restaurant slots in Satakunta.

Finland’s state-controlled monopoly Veikkaus has closed its slot machines in restaurants and cafes in the Satakunta region. Slot halls remain open.

Finland.- Just when it seems we’re finally out of the woods, blips appear on the horizon forcing renewed measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Veikkaus, Finland’s state-controlled gambling monopoly, which saw profits plummet due to restrictions on land-based gaming in the past year, leading it to begin redundancy negotiations with more than 800 employees, has again closed some of its slot machines.

A rebound in the number of Covid-19 cases in the region of Satakunta has led the government to ban restaurant and cafe operations, forcing a close on Veikkaus’s restaurant and cafe slots. The operator’s own gaming halls will remain open, however, as will slots in grocery stores, kiosks and service and traffic stations.

Veikkaus had to halt operations in the same region in January due to government restrictions.

Meanwhile, the operator has begun installing a loss limit tool on its slots.

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