US Supreme Court is urged to intervene

Credits: AGM Education.

New Jersey official has asked the Supreme Court to evaluate the sports betting legal case.

US.- The government of New Jersey seeks to accelerate the legal process to set new legislation on sports betting. According to ESPN, Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., D-New Jersey, has urged the federal Supreme Court to evaluate the case in order to debate future possibilities of legalising the industry in the state.

New Jersey is currently under a legal battle against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Major professional sports leagues are opposed to the state’s attempt to legalise sports betting industry. New Jersey legislators passed in 2012 a law that would have allowed casino and racetracks to operate legal sports betting services, although the measure has been paused due to the dispute.

Now Pallone has allegedly written a letter to Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall asking the Supreme Court to review the case. The official expects the answer by the end of the month. “Without the Supreme Court’s review and a decision on this appeal, these areas of disagreement and conflict will inevitably grow and lead to more confusion,” ESPN quoted Pallone’s letter. “After all, the question of how a state authorizes sports gambling by law or compact without violating PASPA remains extremely hazy.”

A soon resolution of the case would accelerate the legislators’ plan of approving a sports betting legislation, which would boost the state’s revenues and would help the economic situation of Atlantic City casinos.