US casinos experience revenue fall


Credits: Boston Globe

A new report revealed that non-tribal casinos in the United States experienced a revenue down.

US.- According to a report complied by the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Center for Gaming Research, commercial casinos in the United States totaled US$3.3 billion in February, a 2 percent down year-over-year.

The information revealed that the revenue fall was due to the 2016 leap year. As published by Card Player, the report that included 23 states established that win decreased in almost every state, with a few exceptions like Maryland, with a 38 percent increase, Illinois, 4.6 growth, Ohio, 0.83, Michigan 0.7 and New Jersey, with a 0.3 percent growth. Maryland’s stellar results have to do with the fact that the state experienced the opening of MGM National Harbor in December.

Nevada, the biggest gaming hub of the country with a 28 percent of the total gaming revenue, went through an 4.5 percent decrease in February. Back in January commercial casinos totaled US$3.38 billion, a 3.5 increase annually. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released the results that showed that roulette activity in Nevada casinos increased significantly during the first months of this year and the last ones of 2016. Compared to the same period in 2016, Nevada casinos gathered US$38.6 million from roulette in February, 58.8 percent up. The numbers also show that the gambling activity has been increasing systematically for the past twelve months, with a 13 percent overall and US$361 million collected, a hold percentage of 18 percent.