Uplatform unveils 10 mistakes even experienced operators make and make them lose profits

By learning from and proactively addressing their missteps, operators can create a better user experience, increase user satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.
By learning from and proactively addressing their missteps, operators can create a better user experience, increase user satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

Uplatform’s experts share insights and knowledge as they uncover everything from UX slip-ups to the secrets of player retention. 

Press release.- In igaming, success isn’t just about luck, it’s about mastering the nuances, understanding player psychology, and delivering an experience that keeps them coming back for more. Join Uplatform as they explore the world of igaming pitfalls with experts. Expect a journey filled with insights and knowledge sprinkled with a touch of wit and wisdom as they uncover everything from UX slip-ups to the secrets of player retention. 

Not localizing your content and website

NO: Overlooking localization essential

Localization is often reduced to mere translation, with operators relying on machine translation to communicate with new markets. However, this simplistic approach fails to address the nuanced needs of diverse audiences. Neglecting localization can lead to a disconnect with players, resulting in poor user experience, low retention rates, and negative feedback.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the differences in preferred content across different regions. Understanding the preferences and expectations of players in various locales can guide and shape the development of content strategies and ensure that the content resonates effectively with the target audience.

YES: Embracing comprehensive localization

Localization is a multi-dimensional process of adapting content, marketing communications and offering to align with each target market’s unique cultural, regulatory, and player preferences. Localization entails various aspects such as translation, regulatory compliance, customizing content, integrating local payment methods, adapting to the market’s infrastructure and integrating cultural nuances into promotions and marketing strategies. Thorough research on the target market and its players is essential to enhance the appeal and usability of the business.

Neglecting to localize these elements may lead to a subpar user experience, resulting in decreased audience retention rates and negative feedback. Such efforts can facilitate the expansion of the player base, enhance the brand’s reputation, and foster business growth. Explore further insights in Uplatform’s newest e-book, where they delve into the world of localization sprinkled with engaging memes to illustrate key concepts.

As Maria, the head of Marketing, aptly puts it, “There are a lot of factors that operators should take into account when entering a market – starting from the legal aspects and infrastructure peculiarities to the local holidays and popular TV shows.” Indeed, understanding the intricacies of a market is crucial for success. People are drawn to websites that reflect their interests and cater to their needs, whether their local football league or the preferred payment method. Maria emphasizes, “They will choose the sportsbook that is personalized and tailored to their interests, understands their everyday life, and offers promos that align with it.” Dive deeper into their expertise by exploring additional insights featured in Uplatform’s latest e-book.

Narrow choice of payment methods and difficulty of using them

NO: Restricting payment options

A narrow choice of payment methods can hinder user experience and deter potential players. The global diversity of payment systems reflects varying players’ preferences and infrastructural capabilities, so operators must carefully select appropriate methods for each market. 

YES: Embracing diversity and accessibility

The diverse payment systems reflect regions varying players’ preferences and infrastructural capabilities. Eduard, a Business Development Manager at Uplatform specializing in Payments, highlights the strategic importance of this diversity. He notes, “The US has Amex, China has UnionPay and Mastercard, and Visa operates worldwide. Choosing one or another major payment method in each country matters a lot.”

Such widespread variation implies that businesses must select the most appropriate payment method for each market. For instance, while local wallets or cash payments dominate Latin America, mobile money is predominantly used in Africa.

This targeted strategy ensures operators do not overwhelm players with choices, which can dilute the user experience and complicate transactions. Not only that, Eduard suggests a structured approach to enhance user interface clarity. He asserts that strategic and structured approaches to selecting and organizing payment methods are practical and essential. The latest guide by Uplatform offers more profound insights and valuable tips from Eduard and other Uplatform experts.

In both sports betting and casino sectors, providing diverse payment options ensures that players can quickly deposit and withdraw funds according to their preferences. From traditional credit cards and bank transfers to digital wallets and cryptocurrency, offering multiple payment methods caters to the needs of a global audience and enhances the overall user experience.

Bad UX and navigation

NO: Prioritizing function over form

A common mistake among operators is prioritizing design over functionality and UI/UX. While aesthetics are important, focusing solely on creating a beautiful user interface can compromise logical navigation and usability. Although an attractive webpage may draw attention, neglecting intuitive design can lead to frustrated users, decreased engagement, and, ultimately, lost revenue.

YES: Prioritizing user experience for success

Bad design, poor user experience (UX), and inefficient navigation on a betting or online casino operator’s website can have significant consequences. A poorly structured website can result in lost audiences, lower engagement, and negative reviews. Players expect a seamless and enjoyable experience when using the iGaming website; any hindrance can drive them away.

Operators must recognize the importance of a user-friendly format, intuitive navigation, and responsive player support. Beyond aesthetics, responsive web design, fast loading speeds, and proper grammar all contribute to a positive user experience. Investing in these aspects can significantly improve engagement, increase user satisfaction, and ultimately lead to higher revenue for the operator.

Poor bonus/Promotion strategy

NO: Overlooking bonus diversity

Many operators focus solely on offering welcome bonuses as a means of player acquisition, neglecting the broader spectrum of bonuses crucial for player retention and engagement. While welcome bonuses are essential for attracting new players, they alone are insufficient for fostering long-term player loyalty and retention.

YES: Crafting a thoughtful bonus strategy

A well-thought-out bonus and promotional strategy is essential for attracting and retaining sports betting and casino gaming players. Personalised betting incentives and bonuses are potent tools for quickly engaging bettors, especially during significant events like the World Cup or European Championships. These bonuses make players feel valued and motivate them to place more bets.

Effective bonus strategies include offering a variety of promotions, not just welcome bonuses, to keep players engaged For sportsbooks, strategies like risk-free bets can increase players’ confidence in placing wagers. In contrast, casinos can benefit from deposit bonuses or free spins. Additionally, localization of bonuses is crucial, ensuring they align with the preferences of players in different regions.

At Uplatform, they recognize the importance of a robust bonus and promotional strategy. They offer a range of customizable bonuses and tools to boost player engagement and retention, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards, event-specific bonuses, affiliate promotions, and exclusive offers. These ensure new players feel welcomed and loyal players stay engaged. Uplatform also incorporates gamification elements like multi-level missions, tournaments, challenges, leaderboards, and mission-based achievements to keep players entertained. Their betting features, such as free bets, odds boosts, stakeback offers, and promo codes, are tailored to various events and game types. They provide free spins, consolation prizes, and promo codes for casinos. Their cash-back system rewards player loyalty, while customizable features allow operators to integrate their promo systems or create additional currency to tailor the player experience further.

Another critical component of an effective bonus strategy is addressing bonus abuse—engaging in fraudulent activities like creating multiple accounts, exploiting marketing offers intended for new players, and manipulating bonus systems provided by operators. While welcome promotions are powerful tools for player acquisition, they also attract fraud, leading to significant revenue losses for operators. Therefore, operators must enhance their fraud detection capabilities and strengthen identity verification measures to mitigate the risk of bonus abuse.

By implementing a robust bonus and promotional strategy, operators can attract new players and retain them by providing a rewarding and engaging experience. This approach ensures that players feel appreciated and motivated to continue using the website, leading to increased loyalty and long-term success. A thoughtful bonus strategy boosts player satisfaction and enhances the operator’s overall profitability and competitiveness in the dynamic world of sports betting and casino gaming.

Poor retention strategy

NO: Neglecting player loyalty

Operators often overlook the significance of a robust retention strategy in the iGaming industry. This oversight can result in a loss of valuable players and decreased profitability. Failure to focus on retaining current players, especially VIPs, maximizing profits from existing players, reducing player churn, and re-engaging with departed players can harm the business.

YES: Tailoring retention efforts for success

A robust retention strategy is crucial for long-term success in both sports betting and casino verticals. Retention efforts should encompass four key areas: retaining current players, especially VIPs; maximizing profits from existing players; reducing player churn; and re-engaging those who have left. However, strategies must be tailored based on geography and player demographics. For instance, voice communications may work well in CIS countries, while email marketing might be more effective in Europe.

VIP players should be the primary focus, as they typically generate the most profit. As Kseniia, the Retention Team Lead in Uplatform, notes, “Ignoring the client’s requests by the VIP manager and showing disinterest in solving problems can significantly trigger a drop in retention. A single negative experience can lead to clients leaving the site, especially if they feel undervalued or ignored.” 

Thorough research into communication channels and tools, coupled with an analytics system to track key performance metrics such as ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User), Retention Rate, Churn Rate, and GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue), is essential before launch.

At Uplatform, they recognize the importance of tailored retention strategies. Their comprehensive solution includes tools for targeted communication, detailed analytics, and expert guidance to help operators maximize player retention, boost profitability, and drive sustainable growth. Uplatform’s approach ensures operators efficiently manage retention efforts, keeping players engaged and loyal.

Limited audience support

NO: Neglecting player assistance

Inadequate player support can be a critical mistake for a sportsbook or online casino. Players rely on responsive and helpful service representatives to address their concerns and resolve issues promptly. Without sufficient support, players may become dissatisfied and cease using the site. Poorly trained or unresponsive support staff can also lead to negative reviews, tarnishing the operator’s reputation.

YES: Prioritizing player assistance for success

A well-designed bettor care system is essential for any sportsbook or online casino. Players expect responsive and practical support to address their queries and resolve issues. Whether technical glitches, bonus inquiries, or account-related concerns, players need assurance that their problems will be addressed promptly and professionally.

Kseniia, the Retention Team Lead in Uplatform, emphasizes the importance of player support. “There may be cases when players leave the site because they don’t like how the support resolved the issue. For example, there was a technical failure, and the specialists did not show sufficient interest in resolving the issue. Or I asked for bonuses, but they didn’t give me anything. Poor support experiences can drive players away and harm the operator’s reputation.”

To avoid these pitfalls, operators must invest in a competent support team capable of responding quickly and effectively via email, live chat, and phone. A comprehensive support system ensures players receive assistance when needed, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, offering support in multiple languages and localizing support services enhances accessibility and fosters trust among diverse player demographics.

At Uplatform, they understand the importance of comprehensive player support. Their two-line support system ensures that operators and players can quickly resolve issues with the platform or seek assistance as needed. With multilingual support and localized services, they strive to provide players with a seamless and satisfying experience worldwide. By prioritizing player assistance, operators can enhance their reputation, expand their client base, and ultimately increase revenue.

Problems with accessibility

NO: Overlooking the importance of accessibility

Instead of investing in thorough market research to understand device usage trends and internet penetration rates, some operators opt for a one-size-fits-all approach, assuming that what works in one region will work everywhere. As a result, they may overlook the importance of optimizing their site for mobile devices or offering alternative betting channels, such as SMS or Telegram, in regions with limited internet access.

This lack of accessibility can have detrimental effects on user engagement and retention, as players may struggle to access or navigate the website effectively. Moreover, it can limit the operator’s reach and hinder their ability to capitalize on emerging markets or niche demographics.

YES: Accessibility beyond devices

Accessibility ensures players can easily access and engage with iGaming websites and goes beyond the mere availability of desktop or mobile. It’s about understanding the diverse needs and preferences of players in different regions and adapting accordingly. For instance, in several regions of Africa, due to the unique path of development,  PC penetration never was high, but mobile phone usage is pervasive, with smartphones serving as the primary gateway to the digital world. According to recent statistics, smartphone penetration in Africa stands at a staggering 80%, highlighting the significance of mobile accessibility in this market. So, the whole focus of operators here should be on mobile apps and mobile versions. 

As Nelli, Head of Sales of Uplatform, highlights, “In every market, sporting preferences vary, whether it’s the love for basketball in the Philippines or the craze for cricket in India—however, one constant remains: the undeniable preference for native mobile applications in sports betting. Regardless of location, players overwhelmingly opt for the convenience and accessibility of mobile apps over desktop or mobile versions. It’s a trend that speaks volumes about the evolving landscape. 

However, device usage is just one piece of the puzzle. Internet penetration also plays a crucial role in determining accessibility. In regions with limited internet connectivity, such as rural areas or developing countries, relying solely on online might exclude a significant portion of the population. This underscores the importance of offering the omnichannel solution (retail + online) or alternative betting options, such as SMS and Telegram betting, to cater to users with limited internet access. 

At Uplatform, they understand the importance of accessibility in igaming and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of players worldwide. From mobile-responsive interfaces to alternative betting channels, they ensure that their platform remains accessible to all, regardless of their device or internet connectivity. By prioritizing accessibility, operators can reach a broader audience, drive engagement, and ultimately, maximize their success in the dynamic igaming market.

Limit features, betting options, markets

NO: Sticking to the basics

Limiting features, betting options, and markets might seem like a safe bet, but it could hold your operations back. By sticking to the basics, you risk missing out on opportunities to attract a diverse range of players. Offering a limited selection of usual perks that attract the players, you offer may result in players seeking more variety elsewhere, ultimately decreasing engagement and revenue.

YES: Embracing versatility

Flexibility in betting options is essential for a satisfying player experience. Players today seek diverse wagering opportunities and deeper insights into games and events, prompting leading bookmakers to expand their offerings. Uplatform’s sportsbook, for example, features a wide range of bet types and multi-bet combinations like Accumulator, Lucky, and Chain bets. Essential features such as express bets, one-click betting, bet-constructor, bet builder, bet generator and detailed dashboards with comprehensive stats are indispensable.

Live betting is another cornerstone of their platform, providing real-time excitement and engagement. Uplatform’s sportsbook includes a dedicated Live Zone with 2D and 3D mapping, video broadcasts of esports events, and a unique Multi-Live feature where bettors can follow multiple events simultaneously. These features enhance the interactive experience, allowing players to make informed decisions based on live updates and real-time data, even simultaneously for multiple events.

Diversifying betting options not only attracts and retains players but also prepares your business for evolving player preferences and technological advancements in the betting industry.

Don’t diversify your offering

NO: Sticking to the status quo

Introducing new sports and casino games without assessing the preferences of your existing players can lead to misguided diversification efforts. While a broad array of options can attract and retain clients, expanding without evaluating their relevance may result in a focus on quantity over quality. This approach can overwhelm players with choices they don’t care about, ultimately diminishing their engagement and satisfaction.

YES: Expand and conquer

Diversification is a strategic approach that involves expanding a brand’s product or service offerings to cater to a broader audience. By neglecting to diversify their offerings, operators risk missing out on potential revenue streams and limiting their growth potential. However, by embracing informed diversification, operators open up new opportunities to attract fresh fans with varying interests in sports and casino games. 

Diversifying sports offerings according to the preferences of each market ensures that you remain relevant and appealing to local audiences. Incorporating cyber sports and non-sports betting options adds excitement and variety, attracting new players and keeping existing ones engaged. By tapping into niche markets and offering innovative betting options, you position yourself as a forward-thinking operator who caters to your audience’s diverse interests. 

Operators can keep players engaged and satisfied with novel and exciting betting experiences by providing a well-rounded selection of options. This approach allows operators to spread risk, reduce vulnerability, and stand out from competitors in the industry. Players are always looking for fresh and diverse betting opportunities, and strategic diversification is the key to meeting their ever-evolving preferences.

Absence of credibility, and reviews

NO: Overlooking trust-building measures

Neglecting to establish credibility through transparent reviews can undermine an operator’s reputation and deter potential players. The absence of player reviews and testimonials can further erode trust, leaving players hesitant to engage with the operator.

YES: Building trust and credibility

Encouraging players to leave reviews and testimonials on the website and affiliate sites is also essential. Positive reviews serve as social proof of the platform’s reliability and fairness, while constructive feedback provides valuable insights for improvement. By actively engaging with player feedback and addressing concerns, operators can foster a sense of transparency and accountability, strengthening their credibility in players’ eyes.

A well-regulated and credible brand attracts new players and enhances the operator’s reputation in sports betting and casino gaming. Players are likelier to trust and engage with platforms prioritizing transparency, compliance, and player satisfaction. Ultimately, investing in credibility-building measures can increase player confidence, loyalty, and revenue.

Another important point is the community. Unfortunately, many operators overlook the importance of community engagement. By neglecting to foster a supportive community operators miss out on opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors and build lasting relationships with players. Actively engaging with the community through forums, social media, and other platforms can enhance transparency and accountability. It allows operators to address concerns promptly, showcase their commitment to players’ satisfaction, and foster a sense of belonging among players.

Running a successful sports betting or online casino operation is a match of strategy, skill, and a little luck. And while mistakes are inevitable, they don’t have to be game-changers. By learning from and proactively addressing their missteps, operators can create a better user experience, increase user satisfaction, and drive revenue growth. So, whether it’s diversifying their offering, improving their website design, or expanding payment options, operators should remember that it’s not just about making the right moves; it’s also about making sure they don’t make the wrong ones.

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