Ukrainian Gaming Summit reveals details

Ukrainian Gaming Summit

Ukrainian Gaming Summit will be held on November 17.

Ukrainian Gaming Summit announces Bogdan Coman (Rombet) and Zohan Puhac (EOGL) as keynote speakers.

Ukraine.- The organisers announced two keynote speakers for the Ukrainian Gaming Summit which is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency Kiev on November 17. Just by taking a look at the agenda, people will notice that the must attend event features important regulatory topics being planned in order to increase the content quality for the regulator, legislator and all attending companies.

The main organisers and also initiators of the event: the Ukranian Gaming Industry Association, which was founded in August 2016, is optimistic about the fact that the event is so well received by the industry.

The association’s purposes include promoting the gaming industry in Ukraine according to the best international practices, drafting of forward legislative initiatives in gaming sphere, attracting investments into state’s economy, and developing gaming market on healthy competition basis.

Zoran Puhac (Secretary-General of EOG) was born 1962 in Vrsac, Serbia. He is the Coordinator of Association of Gambling Providers, Serbia and holds position of deputy director of Marketing sector and PR manager at Mozzart Company, since 2008. Z. Puhac has more than 20 years experience in external and internal public relations, five years experience as journalist and editor in printed media. He specialized in public relations in crisis at post graduated studies at Faculty of political sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, media trainer for public appearance, graduated at Air Force Academy.

Bogdan Coman (Executive Director at Rombet) has a rich activity in the gambling industry, which he joined once graduation from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bogdan Coman contributes to the good work of the Rombet Association through the experience of planning and organising activities in the field of gambling. He built national projects, led complex teams, and was responsible for meeting performance indicators in the companies he worked for or collaborated with.