Ukraine blocks online gambling websites

Ukraine ordered ISPs to block online gambling websites ahead of the segment's regulation.
Ukraine ordered ISPs to block online gambling websites ahead of the segment's regulation.

The telecommunications watchdog in Ukraine issued an order for internet service providers to block 32 online gambling websites.

Ukraine.- The iGaming segment is a major business, which is why most countries have their own regulations. However, some unauthorised companies know their way around and get money where they can’t anyway.

In Ukraine, the telecommunications watchdog took action on the online gambling segment. The National Commission for State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NKRZI) urged internet service providers to block accesss to them.

The Chief Investigative Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine urged the block of the 32 online gambling websites. 

So far, the country is still getting ready to launch its regulated industry. However, some companies couldn’t wait for it and tried to operate online gambling in Ukraine anyway.

Bill’s approval

With 260 out of 450 deputies voting in favour, Ukraine passed its gambling bill in its first sitting. Bill 2285-D one of six alternatives to the reforms submitted by the government’s in Parliament in October.

“The adoption of Bill 2285-D is the first step towards creating a fair and transparent gambling market. It will, in turn, attract investment and introduce new technology to the country,” Parimatch said, as iGB quoted.

“The market will create thousands of jobs, contribute to both state and local budgets, lead to an increase in tourism. It will also help to counter corruption in professional sports. Moreover, the increased tax revenues generated will provide much-needed funds to support culture, medicine, and sports in Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s gambling bill sets a €249.5k fee for online gambling, lower than any of the alternatives. It also includes a €1.5 million minimum licence fee for casinos in hotels with 200-250 rooms. For those with over 250, the fee goes up to €2.3 million.

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