UKGC releases new technology

Credits: Best Betting Online.
Credits: Best Betting Online.

UK Gambling Commission introduced Resolver, a new gaming technology focused on players’ rights.

UK.- The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) presented this week the new tool Resolver, which will allow players to introduce formal complaints about gaming platforms. Resolver is an official, free and independent online tool for legal customers of the gaming industry in the UK.

According to UKGC’s official statement, Resolver will take effect on August 1, allowing players to make complaints related to authorised gaming platforms. “It provides information about the issue the consumer wants to complain about, and support to help the consumer write emails and letters of complaint,” explains the statement.

“Resolver is not an intermediary, and doesn’t act on the consumer’s behalf – but it does help the consumer to make their complaint in a structured way, and to make informed choices about what actions to take.”

Although Resolver will work independently from UKGC, the governmental commission has participated in the development of the tool. The UKGC has contributed with the information that Resolver uses about gaming industry.

“Resolver also helps the consumer to store all the complaint information in one place, and acts as an email service. This means the consumer’s complaint will be sent from a Resolver email address, rather than the customer’s usual email address. We expect operators to accept complaints customers send via a Resolver email address just as they would from other email services,” continues the statement.

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