UK limits non-local lottery

Lottery faces hard laws in the UK. Credits: The Balance.
Lottery faces hard laws in the UK. Credits: The Balance.

EuroMillions lottery in the UK would be limited by the government’s resolution on third-party betting.

UK.- As the United Kingdom’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DDCMS) recently held an open-to-the-public consultation on current lottery market in the country, the government has allegedly decided to prohibit third-party betting on EuroMillion lottery, which is not operated from the United Kingdom.

As the UK National Lottery has faced an 8.8 percent drop, its provider, Camelot, has announced it will review the strategy and current structure of the popular game. The major concern of the gaming company is its new competitors such as Lottoland as they are exempt of paying further contributions to charities.

Under the new measure, Lottoland operations would be banned or limited through new regulations against its product, EuroMillions. The results of the open consultation have boosted DDCMS’s attempt “to introduce a new license condition to prohibit consumers in Great Britain from placing bets on EuroMillions games which take place outside the UK.”

The UK National Lottery sales have fallen from £7.59 billion from 2015 to £6.92 billion during the period of 2016 to 2017. Camelot’s chairman said that there’s clearly work to be done to re-engage players and address the performance of their draw-based games, “and this is one key area that Nigel is focusing on as part of the wider review he is conducting.”

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