Top Sport hit with another fine in Lithuania

Lithuania issued a slew of fines against gaming operators last year.
Lithuania issued a slew of fines against gaming operators last year.

The operator was again found to be in breach of CCTV rules at land-based gambling venues.

Lithuania.- The Gambling Supervisory Authority has again fined Top Sport for breaching regulations regarding video recording in gambling venues. It’s been hit with a €15,000 penalty for failing to properly install a digital video recording system at a betting and slots venue in the capital Vilnius. It received a similar penalty in September last year.

The regulator issued the fine following an inspection in which it found that videos recorded at the venue had poor image quality and that employee actions at the cash desk were not clearly visible. It was sometimes not possible to see how much money was being paid in and out.

This constitutes a breach of Article 15, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Lithuanian Law on Gambling, the regulator concluded. Meanwhile, some video footage was not saved, constituting a breach of paragraph 5 of Article 15. Top Sport has the right to appeal.

Last year the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority issued a slew of fines against operators, mainly for breaching the country’s strict rules against gambling promotion. In November, it warned Top Sport over its sponsorship of a World Cup prediction game.

It said that the game, was at Topikas. lt broke the country’s ban on the promotion of gambling. The regulator noted that the website, which invites players to predict the results of matches in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, heavily featured Top Sport branding, included clickable banners that linked to Top Sport’s website and also that the Topikas game had similarities with Top Sport’s betting offering.

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