Texas House defines DFS as a legal game of skill

The Texas House approved a bill that defines that DFS are a legal game of skill.

US.- The Texas House approved on Wednesday a bill that would define fantasy sports (DFS) as games of skill. This sets that the games are not of chance and therefore they can be legal in the state.

HB 2303, by Representative Joe Moody, was approved in the chamber by 116-27. The legislative piece still needs another vote from the House before it sends it to the Senate for consideration.

“House Bill 2303 simply seeks to clarify state law and confirm that skill-based fantasy sports are legal and therefore not an act of gambling,” Moody said. “It’s very similar to what 19 other states in the country have done in recent years. And the United States Congress made this change in 2006,” he added.

Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance is a group that has the support of DFS giants FanDuel and DraftKings. The group has been pushing for the legislation in the state. Spokesman Scott Dunaway said: “We look forward to continued progress in the Texas Legislature to protect fantasy sports players and Texas-based businesses supporting this industry and this much-need[ed] modernisation of the Texas Penal Code.”

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