Synergy Blue presents Joyride Jackpot

Synergy Blue presents Joyride Jackpot

Win big with realistic racing action from Synergy Blue thanks to its latest arcade-style gambling game, Joyride Jackpot.

UK.- Synergy Blue is betting on fun, with their latest arcade-style gambling game, Joyride Jackpot. Players can race solo or with friends, chasing down jackpots at breakneck speeds through city streets, mountain roads, and speedways. The company designed this realistic driving game with traditional arcade hardware. It includes steering wheel and pedals, to bring a brand new experience to the casino floor.

As the latest addition to the company’s expansive library of skill-influenced games, Joyride Jackpot aims to enhance engagement. Moreover, attract new demographics, and increase net revenue for casinos everywhere. Multiplayer options and leaderboard bragging rights add the unique social elements that players have come to expect from the plethora of games surrounding them. As the creators of ‘fun you can bet on,’ Synergy Blue couples the engagement and interactivity of the video game arcade with the excitement of the casino to attract and entertain gamers and gamblers alike. 

It is built on the company’s HAWG® (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform, supporting both skill-influenced and chance-based gambling. Joyride Jackpot is a thrill for both players and operators. A library of math variants runs within the design, providing the ability to easily tailor gameplay to fit each casino’s unique markets.

Synergy Blue will be showing all its wildly entertaining and innovative gambling experiences at ICE London, Stand S8-225.

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