Synergy Blue reveals insights on the state of skill-based gaming

The company unveiled its latest report on the state of skill-based gaming at ICE 2019.

UK.- As seen at ICE London 2019, the casino gaming industry is continuing to evolve, with many looking for innovative ways to attract new demographics and drive player engagement. Growing competition in an increasingly crowded industry is leading executives to explore every potential new source of casino revenue, and a lot of attention is being paid to skill-based and arcade-style games. 

Harkening back to the nostalgia and fun of hanging at the arcade, these games have been seen as a potential way of increasing playing time and expanding player demographics. However, because skill-based gaming is still in its early days, and without comprehensive analysis of metrics, some are hesitant to give it a piece of their valuable floor space. 

At ICE 2019, Synergy Blue, who has been creating skill-based games and platforms since 2013, released new research on the state of skill-based gaming. The report, entitled The State of Skill-based Games in a New Era of Gambling, explores the state of adoption and expectations for skill-based games in casinos, and also reveals some interesting data from the innovative, early adopters. 

The report discusses how future generations of gamers will increasingly be more tech-savvy and digitally native, discontented with games that require little more than pushing a button. According to the research, half (50%) of casino executives said that Gen X’ers, who are more financially established, are their target growth demographic over the next 5 years. And they believe that skill-based and arcade-style games could help them attract those Gen X-ers, who make up the early video gaming generations and are accustomed to more engaging and immersive gaming experiences. 

The data from those who have already made the leap and adopted skill-based games, or games with skill/arcade components, does show some promise, with 81 percent agreeing that the games provide a different player experience and 38 percent saying they have added a unique marketing element for their property. 

Interestingly, player appeal and player understanding are listed as the two top areas of growth for skill-based games — leading to the inferance that as casino demographics shift, and more Gen-Xers who prefer classic, arcades-style play continue to comprise target demographics, the barriers to adoption will decrease. 

The emergence of skill-based games clearly signifies a change in the industry. These games are in their early days, and there is certainly a learning curve for casinos and patrons alike, but casinos are seeking new experiences, like skill-based games, to help them attract and retain new patrons and ultimately combat revenue challenges.

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