Synergy Blue debuts new line-up of games

Synergy Blue debuts new line-up of games

Synergy Blue is bringing “Fun You Can Bet On!” to Every type of Gamer & Gambler with new line-up of arcade-style, skill-influenced games.

US.- Synergy Blue, the premier provider of ‘fun you can bet on’ and interactive casino gaming experiences, unveiled four new game titles today, bringing unique and versatile styles of arcade gambling to casino floors in multiple jurisdictions, including progressives and slot style games. Designed to transport the modern gaming experience onto casino gambling floors, the new line-up of skill-influenced games not only offers more variety for shifting demographics, it also draws new players in with truly unique gambling experiences. From a thrilling race to the jackpot, to zombie zapping excitement, Synergy Blue’s game library truly provides ‘fun you can bet on’ for every type of gamer and gambler.

With three new arcade and mobile-style game titles, as well as their first traditional slot game, Synergy Blue is expanding their wide demographic appeal even further. From Baby Boomers who love connect-three’s and blast games, to Gen Xers’ seeking arcade-style play with friends, the company offers interactive and immersive gambling experiences for every type of casino-goer.

“These games are not only great additions to our platform, but to the genre of skill-influenced games overall. We’re very proud of them,” said Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue. “This lineup offers something different, so operators can expand the variety of gambling options on their floors and draw in the new, younger players who are driving recovery right now.”

Synergy Blue’s new game titles include:

Blizzard Blast™ (Blast style play / Progressive)

Synergy Blue’s newest (and coolest!) game, and the company’s first stand alone progressive game. With a new persistence feature and over 200 unique levels, players can sign in to save their progress, and keep coming back for more Match and blast “like” arctic characters for a chance at winning a blizzard of cash!

Royal Dragon Saga™ (Slot style play)

Big wins await those whom fortune favors in this traditional video slot game. Royal dragons, free spins, wild symbols and lucky 8s add to the fun and excitement in Synergy Blue’s first ever traditional slot game.

Zombie Heat™ (Tower defense style play)

In this whimsical defense game, players fend off toxic space zombies using homemade traps and their personal trailer cannon named Barbara! Use traps to slow down the hoard of zombies and aim the cannon to take them out — this game features 10 unique worlds to play in, and allows players to set their skill-level at Easy, Medium or Hard.

Joyride Jackpot™ (Arcade drive style play)

Get your heart pumping with realistic racing action in Synergy Blue’s most impressive game yet! Race solo or with friends through speedway, city or mountain tracks, chasing jackpots at breakneck speeds. This game is the latest and most advanced example of Synergy Blue’s signature “Fun You Can Bet On!”, featuring a truly hybrid arcade gambling experience. Select from either single or multiplayer mode, eight different high-performance race cars and five unique courses and race to collect coins and climb the leaderboard.

Synergy Blue’s new games will be released in multiple jurisdictions including CA, OK, NV, FL and SE Asia, and feature multiple gambling variations, allowing operators to tailor the game play to the unique preferences of their players and needs of their guests. And just like traditional slot games, players can alter their bet, or cash out, at any point of play.

With arcade-style hardware that’s easily recognizable and nostalgic for today’s players, Synergy Blue’s products offer something different to attract and retain those players who might not typically play wagering games, giving operators new marketing opportunities and a new demographic of customers. Built on the patented HAWG® platform, the skill-influenced, arcade-style games allow operators to meet regulations while providing the engagement and interactivity that today’s players expect from their gaming experiences.

The company’s Blue Safe Touch technology also comes standard on all sleek new hardware in the 2600 series cabinet line, incorporating modern safety measures for continued cleanliness and sanitary playing conditions for today’s casino gaming environments. Synergy Blue’s suite of arcade-style products is approved and available for sale throughout Q4 2020.

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