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Swedish regulator issues warning

swedish regulator warning
Spelinspektionen said that this week it met Swedac to analyse the received documentation. Credits: Spelinspektionen

The Swedish gambling regulator has issued a warning in which it says that games marketed in the country should comply with local laws.

Sweden.- Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling regulator, has issued a new warning that calls for gaming companies to make sure that their equipment complies with local gambling regulations.

The regulator mentioned Swedac, the local company in charge of making sure that test institutes have proper accreditation and certification to control the gaming companies’ systems so that they comply with current regulations.

On July 1, all gaming companies licensed in Sweden submitted documentation to prove that their gaming systems were checked and tested by an accredited testing institute. Spelinspektionen said that this week it met Swedac to analyse the received documentation.

Sweden’s gaming tax revenue doubles expectations

The recently regulated online gaming market in Sweden has brought better results than they were initially expecting. Sweden’s Skatteverket tax agency (STA) revealed that the money turned to state coffers is way more than expected.

Sweden’s taxman revealed online gaming tax money reached €172 million, twice what they’ve forecasted. So far, there’s 86 licenced companies that pay an 18% tax on gaming revenue. They have €6.2 million for licences and an additional €5.3 million in supervision fees.

Spelinspektionen vows to improve anti-money laundering measures

Earlier this year, the regulator said that it is one of 16 authorities in Sweden that are working against money laundering and terrorist financing in the territory. The entities are fighting in coordination as money laundering and terrorist financing produce a national risk to Sweden.

The regulator said that the main role of this effort is to exchange information and knowledge between the participating organisations. It also aims to continuously identify, map and analyse risks and methods for money laundering and terrorist financing, and compile national risk assessments.

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