Springfield pushes for a new casino

Community members met with lawmakers to discuss the possibility of a new casino in the area.

US.- Business leaders and community members from Springfield, the capital of Illinois, met with lawmakers in order to discuss if it’s possible to build a casino and resort in Williamson County. The people behind the movement believe that a resort in the county would boost the economy.

Shannon Johnson, Visit SI CEO, said: “To see all of these people come out that may not even live here in the Marion-Williamson County area is phenomenal. We’ll be passing out booklets, so people can have more information on what the resort is and all the jobs it would provide to southern Illinois.”

The people behind the project commented that they’re not asking for funding but for lawmakers to amend the gaming bill and give them the license that they’re looking for. The resort would also feature two hotels, a convention center and a water park. “Tourism is an economic engine. It drives so much money into our economy, and this is one aspect that we lose money on. We turn away business groups, corporate small business groups. And this is just going to be a phenomenal asset to our area.”

They estimate that a casino in the area would bring US$15 million annually, and create more than 2000 jobs after the construction.