Swedish govt asks Spelinspektionen about compliance

The Swedish government has asked Spelinspektionen to report which measures it has implemented to ensure compliance.

Sweden.- Spelinspektionen, the gambling regulator from Sweden, has reported that it has been commissioned by the Government to report what measures and other activities it has implemented to ensure compliance with the Gaming Act.

The report details that in 2019 the regulator started over 40 supervisory cases and made decisions in 28 of them. Spelinspektionen has also participated in a large number of conferences and meetings in 2019.

The regulator said in a statement that one conclusion it can draw since the start of the new regulations is that supervision has had an effect and that there is a need for continued supervision.

“We can accomplish compliance in various ways. We have chosen to report all efforts, whether information, communication or authority. The overall conclusion is that it remains effective. Comprehensive supervision is necessary if the objectives of the new regulation are to [be] achieved,” said Camilla Rosenberg and Hannah Abrahamsso of Spelinspektionen.

Spelinspektionen to discuss gambling regulations with operators

Spelinspektionen, will meet with licensees to discuss the segment’s rules and clarify issues to “improve understanding between both parts.”

The regulatory body has invited operators to a meeting next September 17. They will join the Swedish Tax Agency, Financial Police and the Swedish Consumer Agency.

“The purpose of the meeting is to increase the understanding between market players and the authorities,” Sweden’s gambling watchdog said.

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