South Wales releases gambling study

south wales gambling


A new study revealed that 99 percent of people in the territory say they take part in gambling.

UK.- A report carried out by the University of South Wales, Newport West AM Jayne Bryant and other AMs revealed that 99 percent of people in Wales take part in gambling, even if 26 percent of them said that they don’t consider themselves gamblers.

The report studied the number of places where gambling is legal in Newport and other areas of Wales, and found that there are 11 locations in the former within a 400 meter radius, as well as six bookmakers, four adult gaming centres and one bingo facility, local media said.

“The purpose of this report was to give us a current understanding of problem gambling in Wales. I know from my surgeries and from speaking with other local organisations that problem gambling is a growing issue, but that it remains chronically underreported. There is still a huge stigma around it. This report shows that people often gamble alone, online and use it as a coping strategy for other issues. This toxic mix can often lead a person into addictive behaviour, unknown to their loved ones,” said Bryant.

Moreover, he said that they need a more in-depth piece of research to unpick, substantiate and further highlight gambling trends in Wales. “We have to shine a light on this taboo, so we can know the true scale of the problem and get people the help they need,” he added.