Jeju Shinhwa World casino finally opens

The casino at Jeju Shinhwa World has finally opened to the public, nearly three months after its scheduled date.

South Korea.- Despite having set its opening date for December 8th, the casino at Jeju Shinhwa World finally opened to the public on Sunday. Landing International Development Ltd, the real estate group responsible for the project, received local government permission for gaming on February 21st and rushed to open its doors just four days after.

Casino rights involved in the operation include the transfer of gaming from another Landing International property on Jeju Island. The permit includes the right to operate a casino of approximately 5,500 square metres.

“The opening of Jeju Shinhwa World Landing Casino marks the full opening of the phase one of Jeju Shinhwa World,” Yang Zhihui, chairman and executive director of Landing International, said in a statement, adding: “In 2018, we will focus our efforts on operating Jeju Shinhwa World to deliver on our promise to make Jeju Shinhwa World into a tourism destination under the spotlight on Jeju Island that the residents will be proud of.”

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