Singapore Pools still does not have regulatory clearance

Euro 2016 is two weeks away but lottery operator Singapore Pools has yet to get regulatory clearance to launch its first online betting website.

Singapore.- Lottery operator Singapore Pools has not got yet regulatory clearance to launch its first online betting website, with the Euro 2016 around the corner.

Under Singapore’s new Remote Gambling Act (RGA) approved in February 2015, remote gambling activities except online sports betting sites that devote their revenue to charitable and other social causes are illegal. Last summer, Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools submitted applications to be exempt from the online ban. At the moment of the submission, both operators were warned that it could take up to one year to evaluate their request.

Singapore Pools has a new site, which is to be powered by OpenBet. The site was designed to allow punters to place bets directly online. Until now, gamblers could only place wagers over the phone or at retail outlet.

However, after the Ministry of Home Affairs commented that the application is “currently being evaluated,” it seems unlikely that the lottery operator would gain approval in time for Euro 2016.