Sargis Poghosyan: “LatAm and Africa are the focal points to BetConstruct”

Sargis Poghosyan, CPO at BetConstruct.
Sargis Poghosyan, CPO at BetConstruct.

Sargis Poghosyan, CPO at BetConstruct, talked to Focus Gaming News about the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and markets to explore.

Exclusive interview.- In 2021, the gaming industry started to recover from the pandemic, but there are still challenges to face. Sargis Poghosyan, CPO at BetConstruct, gave an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News where he spoke not only about those challenges, but also anticipated what is coming next year for the company.

2021 was a year of new challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How did BetConstruct face changes? 

It is out of question that the pandemic brought many new obstacles and challenges to almost all industries. However, it also opened new business model perspectives and markets to conquer.

The whole BetConstruct team used its potential and skillset to make the most out of tough challenges. We have concentrated our resources on what the market dictated.

As the lockdown has closed all live sports events, we put a significant accent on expanding Virtual Sports and Esports volumes. In the meantime, our flexibility allowed the whole staff to smoothly transition from on-site to remote working model and continue doing our best to meet the company strategy in new strategic locations.

How did the market receive your innovative products and services, for example, the launch of Express Roulette?

Express Roulette show game is a real sensation for roulette lovers. In this express mode the odds are more than double compared to regular Roulette. The ultra-rare payout of x1,300 proved to be an excellent marketing tool for our operators. In general, this game was accepted with great enthusiasm and excitement, so we feel obliged to live up to that standard and deliver more exclusive games for players’ enjoyment.

The online market was an alternative for many companies due to the pandemic restrictions. How did it affect your business?

Pandemic restrictions hugely affected the gambling industry. One day we woke up and there were no matches and no sporting activity. However, new doors opened up for us at the same time. We’ve concentrated our attention and efforts on developing our Virtual Sports, our in-house sports coverage and RNG games.

“Analysing the growth in operators count as well as their players count and bet amounts we see more than simply positive results.”

Sargis Poghosyan, CPO at BetConstruct.

The fact that many B2C brands appeared in the online market suppose the rise of severe competition. Many of them realized they could operate successfully online and transferred all their resources to promoting and expanding their online platforms. However, for BetConstruct it brought new partnerships, opportunities and new regions on the horizon. 

What are BetConstruct’s new challenges? What do you expect for 2022?

We are going to expand the markets of our operation. LatAm and Africa are the focal points right now. Even though we are not newcomers to both of the markets, we have big plans for the regions.

When creating our software we initially take into the account its utilization across all possible regions. For this case specifically the challenge – which is more of an objective rather than challenge – is to adapt the existing technology to the needs of local operators and demands of their players. And I am absolutely positive it is achievable for BetConstruct. 

Can we anticipate any new product or service launches for 2022?

Indeed there are several new products and services planned for launch in the upcoming year. The details will be announced in due course.

We will concentrate our main focus on delivering the best quality both for our business partners and for the customers. We will enhance our current tools, games, services and develop them according to current industry requirements.

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