Russia to block online payments

Russia is fighting against illegal online gambling sites.

Under a new gaming legislation, authorities will be able to block international transactions.

Russia.- Unauthorised online gaming sites would be blocked in the Russian market soon. According to local press, the Ministry of Finance will reintroduce a 2015 legislation aimed at ending illegal casino operations through internet platforms.

This week the government will present the gaming bill, which would allow authorities to block international transactions made in illegal gaming sites. A further debate on the issue will be held this Thursday.

The prohibition would be set through online banks’ services and payment processors. Operators of those facilities would be obligated to block transactions from Russian residents to unauthorised international gaming companies, which will be registered in a blacklist updated by the Federal Task Service (FTS).

The FTS list would be granted to national financial institutions to control the transactions and set the banning. It is estimated that Russian players invest US$3 billion per year on foreign online gaming sites.